Why BidaFi?-“Pay-Dar”!

We don’t want your “Pay-Dar” going off any more!

When a contractors price seams too high it triggers a neurological response in our brains termed “Pay-Dar”. This is the main contributing factor that prevents most home improvements from happening! We don’t want your “Pay-Dar” to go off any more, so this is “Why BidaFi”.

LISTS of contractors in a given area have been available for hundreds of years! We all remember the “Yellow Pages” and those in the industry know about the “Contractors Blue Book” and the mailers that get stuffed into our mailboxes every week and now those daily Robo Calls that we now get in our pockets or purses!

People have been ADVISING others as to who to use since time began! THIS IS NOT NEW! These are simply “Lead Generators”. They make money SELLING YOUR INFORMATION TO contractors as leads for them to go out and sell to you. In most cases they sell your contact information to several contractors that will all call you multiple times! They don’t care if you do the work or not or if you over paid for it, they made their money on the lead. The more the contractor pays the more they are referred! These are all advertising companies for contractors to come out and sell you on their services. This method is the same as it has been for a million years! The contractor comes out and looks at the work and gives you the price, most-times based on what they think you can afford. When homeowners want to find out the “True Cost” of the work they have to meet with multiple contractors in order to compare “apples-to-apples”. This takes up a lot of time both for the contractors and the homeowners. The majority of the time the work is never done, and you have been bombarded with phone calls the entire time. The contractor has been driving all over town handing out bids and not doing any work and now has to charge more to make up for the lost time.

Our technology gives you a price and then the contractor you have selected comes out and looks at the work. The pricing is based on what the contractor charges for their work… not what they think you can pay or what they can “Sell” you on. Few contractors have limited access to financing so they can only offer what they have been approved for. These contractors will now try to sell you on “low monthly payments”, “No Payments for 12 months”, “No Money Down”, etc. The typical process is to mark up the cost as high as possible and spread the payments out as far as possible to make it “Affordable”!? Unfortunately, this means you have paid four or five times more than you probably should have. Sometimes when money is tight; paying overtime is the only option. This is why you should have the pricing first and then choose the financing option that best fits your needs. The price shouldn’t be higher because you need to finance the work! Now having the lowest price possible you may want to finance the work. Having all the options upfront “Privately” allows you to make the best decision for your situation, in your own time.

We feel our method is much more reasonable and impartial.

Only until now with our “Patent Pending Platform” – “BidaFi” is this truly possible!

We all use our phones to Shop. Normally we shop by price and then look at the quality being quoted.

We think this is the best way! Not having to waste time interviewing contractors by quality first and then make an appointment to be sold on the price and or a low monthly payment! We think it’s only reasonable to shop by price first. We want you to shop as much as you want and discover the best pricing for the work you want done and then look at the financing that is available for the work. We think this will promote more work and we get paid a small percent of the work when it’s done; not from selling leads!

This is what our “Proprietary Patent Pending Platform” does. Only with our technology are we able to generate pricing on the work you want done from local contractors qualified to do the work and a specially developed communication platform for you to only communicate with the contractor directly.

WHO we are is WHY we are doing this!

We are Homeowners, Contractors, Architects, Real Estate Brokers and Tech Experts.

We have experienced; time and time again learning that friends and family members have WAY OVERPAID FOR WORK! By a lot too! I simply have offered for them to call me next time and I will tell them if the costs are out of line. I have been doing this for years and now with BidaFi I can help more.

Recently I had a friend call me who needed a motor replaced on his garage door. He had two contractors come out and they both gave him prices; one was $3,200 and one was $3,500. His “Pay-dar” went off. (The part of our brain that tells you the price is out of line) … You know the feeling!! I had my friend give me the type of motor he had. I called up the local supplier found out the cost was under $200 and I asked who they recommended that was good and fare to install it. I called the guy and asked how much to replace the motor. He asked me a few questions and he gave me a price over the phone of $800. My friend had the guy out the next day and had it done for $800 and It took two hours. What I didn’t tell you was that my friend lived in a $2.5m home with two $75,000 cars in the garage. WOW $1,200/hour! A Cardiothoracic Surgeon makes $270 an hour and went to eight years of college!

Recently I had another friend that is a single mother with two kids tell me her heater went out and it was winter and getting down in the 30’s overnight. She had a contractor quote her on a new HVAC system that would cost $21,000 and she could finance it at $200 a month. By the time she got done paying for it it would cost her almost $30,000. The cost for the equipment was under $2,000. She simply had the heater replaced for $1,200 because she could not trust she could get a new HVAC system at an affordable price. That system should cost $8,000 installed, but because the contractor offers financing, he tried to get away with what ever he could and sell her on a low monthly payment. She would have added the new HVAC system and financed it if the price wasn’t so out of line.

I have a friend that told me he hired a roofer to replace his roof three years ago. He had two layers on his existing roof, and it was leaking. My friend pulled a roofing permit himself (to save a few bucks) and was told that the roofer could not put a new layer on over the existing two layers that it wouldn’t meet code. The roofer latter that day had the new roofing material delivered and my friend noticed it was not what they agreed too. He did not have a contract and now needed to have the existing two layers of roofing removed. He tried to work out a new deal with the roofing contractor and couldn’t. Most contractors are not this unethical; however, they are out there! My friend still has not had his roof replaced and it still leaks. We have seen this happens a lot. Homeowners have very little experience having work done to their home and they ALL fear being “Ripped Off” and they end up not having the work done. This ends up hurting homeowners and good contractors. 

This is why we have developed BidaFi.

Tim & Ken

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