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ABC “Auto-Bid Chain”

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Every time one of your contractors automatically bid a prospect in your area, your bid to your contractor on your materials are automatically populated into their contract. This process is automated and customized on your behalf, in advance! When they win the job a Purchase Order is placed Automatically to you and you are paid COD, At NO CHARGE!

23 for 23

  1. No more AR (Paid CIA)
  2. No more Credit Card Fees
  3. Increase Cash Flow
  4. No more preliminary Leans
  5. Know Every Bid your Contractors do
  6. Lock in your contractors
  7. Know what is selling and not selling in your area
  8. Increased Relations with Manufacturers
  9. Market your company directly to contractors, in or out of your network
  10. Cross-Docking / JIT Inventory
  11. No More Dead Inventory
  12. POs sent when Homeowner signs the contractor’s contract
  13. Sales presentations on your products directly to the end user (Video and Photos)
  14. Sell bundles to increase sales and margins (50)
  15. Your products are available to all contractor’s self-gen or BidaFi generated contracts
  16. Send group texts and Notification to your customers and team, 89% are read
  17. Increase your mobile presence, 80% shop mobile, 97% Can shop mobile
  18. 94% of Homeowners want more transparency
  19. Connect your Contractors to Homeowner Financing (75% of jobs are Financed)
  20. We educate contractors how to increase revenue and profits
  21. Unparalleled metrics from your industry
  22. Admin and user Dashboards
  23. Be the leader in your industry!

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