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22 NEW ways we grow your Business and Increase Margins in 2022

  1. No more buying bad leads!
  2. No lost time on sales calls with shoppers
  3. No Accounts Payable
  4. No more debt!
  5. Transition to Transparent Transactions (The Demand)
  6. 86% closing rate
  7. Use your local supplier with no need for credit.
  8. Connected to the Automatic Supplier Bidding Network
  9. Connected to the Automatic Homeowner Bidding Network
  10. Connected to the Homeowner Finance Network
  11. Set your pricing and margins/profit in advance
  12. Finance options Homeowners select on their own
  13. Sales people can adjust the bids and contract in the field
  14. Close the deal with numerous finance options
  15. Automatically bid on every request in your area
  16. Know what products are selling in your area
  17. Run self-generated deals through the BidaFi Platform
  18. Digital invoicing, paying and payments at no charge(no more picking up checks)  
  19. Communicate with your team
  20. Communicate on Supplier Network
  21. Communicate on the Homeowner network
  22. Admin Dashboard

Any contractor can utilize the BidaFi platform and our numerus benefits. The trades below are the ones we will initially be focused on as they are energy efficient replacements that are very popular.

Transitioning to Transparency by Automating “The Bid Chain”

ABC “Automated Bid Chain

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