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$9,700/M Life Time

The cost of one employee could increase sales and savings by millions

Early adopters experience “first mover advantages” over their competition when they adopt new technologies that align them with their market demands.

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ABC “Auto-Bid-Chain”

23 for 23

  1. Be the leader in your industry. “Early Adopter” Advantages
  2. Your product line is on the “Auto-Bid-Chain” “Live Pricing” available
  3. Lock in your suppliers and contractors and “accredited contractors” on the ABC
  4. Increase consumer confidence ABC: Manufactures Specifications are in the final contract
  5. Your Specs are bundled together in order to increase sales and margins in every contract
  6. On the Block Chain and Bid Chain, track raw materials end to end
  7. ABC is designed to track PO’s, sales, installation, and warranties
  8. Market your product line directly to contractors and Homeowners
  9. Collect sooner, your suppliers are paid COD, no more credit card fees
  10. No more AR or Bad Debt to your supplier
  11. Your suppliers have no more “preliminary leans” or “leans “
  12. Know Every order your supplier receives
  13. Know what is selling and not selling geographically
  14. Manage manufacturing, logistics and inventory better
  15. No More Dead Inventory / Live Pricing to move it
  16. POs sent when Homeowner signs the contractor’s contract with built in specs.
  17. Sales presentations on your products directly to the end user (Video and Photos)
  18. Your products are available to all contractor’s self-gen or BidaFi generated
  19. Send group texts and Notification to your customers and team, 89% are read
  20. Increase your mobile presence, 80% shop mobile, 97% Can shop mobile
  21. Connect your Contractors to Homeowner Financing (75% of jobs are Financed)
  22. Unparalleled metrics from your industry
  23. Admin and user Dashboards (like nothing ever seen)
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