Tim Thornton Founder/CEO

2022 Entrepreneur Awards Show

We started BidaFi to help more people get there homes updated in fair and practical ways.

I had the privilege of growing up with a Father who was an Architect and a Developer and a Mother who started a not for profit school. Both were entrepreneurs and as a result I started working in construction at a very young age. The summer that I was 17, I was given the responsibility to run a Condominium construction site when the project manager left. I was one of the only people that knew the project from conception and understood the drawings. My freshman year of business school my roommate and I started a business that we operated and sold our senior year. I fell in love with the entrepreneur thing and I was hooked. My first job after graduating was in Property Management. I was responsible for remodeling some ugly apartment buildings into nice places where people would actually want to live. I would go to my Father’s office after work and draw up new creative concepts for the owners to approve. I designed these concepts from a spreadsheet so that I could keep within the budget. Seeing what I was now capable of my Father asked me to join him fulltime and as a result I went to Architectural school. When I qualified for my license there was a down turn in the economy and I decided to get into something more recession proof. I started a business designing and suppling packaging components to the food and beverage industry. I grew the business and one of the brands to be the second largest distributor in North America. I also developed my own line and again designing every product from a spreadsheet to make it work. I successfully landed numerous Fortune 100 companies as clients. Throughout this time I was part of the “Strategic Growth Council” which was basically CEO school that was run by my business coach. Over the years friends and family have used me as a resource to guide them on how to start a business to home projects ideas and design ideas, to purchasing a new home, etc. After I sold my packaging business, I helped a number of construction companies as an outside consultant. I developed business plans and efficiently structured their marketing and streamlined their sales processes. In architecture, we would send out large projects for bid. Contractors would have their bids submitted after a few days because they had structured fair and competitive pricing in place. In my experience it is the contractors who have streamlined their pricing, offer financing and do quality work that are the ones that are most successful. These are the companies that ultimately benefit the home owner the most to make that dream or necessity come true. Home owners and contractors can now take advantage of this same opportunity that is private and automated through BidaFi.

Homeowners have learned that they need to make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable, especially now that most are working and schooling from home. This is why I put together this booklet “Reasonable Energy Efficiency” The guide is to help you decide if it’s a DIY or a Pro project. This booklet walks you through every component a home needs to be energy efficient and comfortable. We all have our limitations and gifts, so projects that are DIY for some maybe a Pro project for others. When you want to find out what that project will cost and how you can afford it go to:

Free 70 Page "Reasonable Energy Effeciency" Make Your Home Energy Efficent & Comfortable!

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