Contractor Setup Fee



Contractor Features

  1. Web-page on BidaFi platform
    1. Custom designed with company branding and details
    2. BidaFi works with you to develop top selling products and build-out bundles
    3. Designed to Increase sales and margins
  2. Connected to Automated Bidding Platform by Trade and “Preferred Provider” Network.
    1. “Preferred Provider” Network setup on your behalf with your homeowners
    2. Bidding goes out to Homeowners on every Bid they do by trade and geography
    3. Suppliers and bundles are promoted through contractors directly to Homeowners.
  3. Communication Platform
    1. Through our Platform/App You can communicate with the Homeowner, Supplier and BidaFi
    2. Special Notifications can be received from your “Supplier Network”
    3. Conformation and questions and or changes to orders can be made on our platform
    4. Communicate on any device anytime
    5. Receive Notifications from BidaFi
  4. Automated Ordering Platform
    1. When the Homeowner selects one You, a Purchase Order can be generated to the Supplier
    2. Conformation of the order as well as the address and shipping date and time are built into your customized account
    3. Orders can be adjusted and or changed from any device and confirmed
  5. Payment Portal
    1. Secure payments transferred to your existing bank account at no charge
    2. COD Payments to you Supplier can be made at no charge
  6. NO CHARGE FOR PAYMENTS! No More Credit Card fees! Accounting
    1. PO’s, Change Orders, Revenue, Costs, AR,
    2. Customized Chart of Accounts per location can be downloaded into most accounting products
  7. Dashboards
    1. Single location and multiple locations
    2. Created for Strategic Planning and monitoring (see example)
  8. Self-Generated Sales
    1. Full Access to the platform, Financing, Payments, Communication, etc
    2. 50% discount to Contractors to place a project on the platform and utilize all the features
  9. Advertising
    1. Local Targeted Advertising from Suppliers in Your Trade
    2. Cross selling other Trades, specials, promotions, etc.
  10. History
    1. Memorialized Purchase Orders, order changes, Shipping
    2. Memorialized Payments, Accounting, etc.

Setup Fee:                $297             Discounted if paid in Pre-Launch 

Monthly Fee:          $97                 First and last/Deposit      $194 To Start

Setup Contractor in the portal

  • Link to specific trade with description
  • Setup Geographic Service Areas in portal
  • Setup link to “Web-Page” on our site if purchased.
  • Setup automated pricing and calculations in bidding platform
  • Setup in communication portal for notifications and email; mobile phones and emails
  • Setup in contract portal for automated contract with logos/branding and contact information
  • Setup in rating system with number of projects completed and years in business, etc Brief Description
  • Check all credentials; Licence, insurance, workers comp.
  • Link to Payment Portal, connect to “Deposit Account” for payments only; no debits!

Vendor Information

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