Press Release

BidaFi,Inc. introduces its new Proprietary Patent Pending Platform”. The World’s First Fully Automated Bidding and Financing Platform for “Home Energy Efficient Upgrades”

Los Angeles, CA. January 2020 Bidafi, Inc. Will Launch Its New Platform!  Fighting Climate Change One Home at A Time! Competition Makes Our Energy Efficient Upgrades Affordable and our Financing Options Help Pay for Them! More Can Take Advantage Now! WE DO NOT SELL OUR CUSTOMERS INFORMATION! We Make Money When the Work Is Done.


  1. Homeowners receive Free, Automated Bids from local vetted Contractors on “Home Energy Efficient Upgrades”
  2. Contractors specializing in “Energy Efficient Upgrades” tend to overcharge because they offer low financing
  3. 50% of home improvements are financed and overcharging for these upgrades hurts the homeowners
  4. Homeowners do not trust contractors pricing to be fair; Competition fixes that and allows more projects to be done
  5. Contractor’s that buy “Leads” most often waste a lot of time and money meeting with “Shoppers” and not working
  6. Homeowners that are “shopping” can now receive what they are looking for and NO TIME IS WASTED
  7. We all Shop by Price first in most all other areas; now we can shop that way for our Home Improvements
  8. Contractors add up their “Unit Pricing” and arrive at their “Standardized Pricing” for their trade
  9. Homeowners learn how to input the “Units” needed for their project, then Automatically receive a Bid
  10. The BidaFi Platform gives the homeowner the square footage of their roof and a solar design for their home
  11. The Contractor is sent a Notification when they Bid on a project at NO CHARGE
  12. At the same time the Homeowner receives the Contractors Bids they also receive Finance Options.
  13. The Finance Options are displayed as monthly payments and when opened they display the terms.
  14. Homeowners review the Contractor’s/Lender’s “Webpage” to see other offers and select the program they want.
  15. The Bids are “Preliminary-Bids” finalized by the Contractor and the Homeowner in person (we are not contractors)
  16. The BidaFi Platform will setup a meeting between the Homeowner and the Contractor at NO CHARGE
  17. The Contractor will receive an automatically generated Pre-established Contract at NO CHARGE
  18. The Contractor will make any necessary adjustments to the contract at the meeting and resubmit it to BidaFi
  19.   Homeowners select the program that best fits their needs after reviewing the institutions page on BidaFi
  20.  The Homeowner can access the Financial institution’s Application Portal from their Webpage on BidaFi
  21.   Pre-approval can be established and once the contract amount is finalized then the Loan can be finalized
  22.   The BidaFi Payment portal utilizes a highly secure ACH payment process and an escrow process
  23.  Though our Communication Portal Contractors, Homeowners, Lenders and BidaFi can communicate


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