“Real Bids in Real Time”

Click on the icon to receive instant Home Improvement Bids by Zip Code from local Contractors, allowing you to shop and compare Materials and Contractor’s pricing privately. Receive a preliminary contract before any meetings with any contractors. Secure the financing you may need for your project

Click on the icon and join our platform in order to close more faster by having your bidding process done in advance all in one place. Shop for all material in advance from suppliers. Only Meet with Homeowners ready to purchase. Numerous Financing options and payments are done through the system. Never have to pick up a check again.

Click on the icon and join our platform and know every time your products are bid. Advertise your bundled products directly to contactors. Receive a purchase order when the homeowner signs a contract from the contractor. Adjust your offerings instantly. Get paid COD and never have to issue a preliminary lean again. Never have an Accounts Receivable again.

Click on the icon and join our platform and start Advertising directly to the Homeowners through the contractor. Know every time what product is being bid out geographically and by who. Be able to do more JIT deliveries and lower inventory costs.

75% of all home improvements are financed over $2,500 through personal loans, HELOC’s, Refinancing and credit card advances.

“Real Bids in Real Time”

ABC “Auto-Bid-Chain”

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