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Contractor Web Page The Contractor’s Web Page is about Why the Homeowner should select your Company to do the work

When a Homeowner receives a Bid from your Company we encourage them to go to your page and discover more about you in order to make their decision as who to hire to do the work they need. We do not want them to make their decision solely on price. Exploring your Materials, Means a Methodologies needs to play in their decision.

Once you have purchased a Web Page on our Platform for the trade you are licence to perform, we will collect specific information from you so we can design your page to Market your company to Homeowners that have a Bid from you. We do not set up links to other sights on the web you may have. Web Pages are trade specific and you will want a Web Page on our site for each trade you are licence to preform. Additional Web Pages are sold at a discount once you have purchased the first one.

Never at anytime will BidaFi or it’s employees tell you what you need to charge or should charge to get a job! BidaFi is not a contractor and will never advise you on how to do your work as the contractor.

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