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We want to grow your business with you!

Few Contractors offer Financing and most Homeowners don’t know that Financing is available to them for their “Home Energy Upgrade Projects” and Home Improvements. We present them with your Programs and Institution right beside every Bid they request along with a link to your page on our site and a Link to your Application Porta

Finance Features and Benefits – 2020

  1. Web-page on BidaFi platform
    1. Custom designed with company branding and history
    2. BidaFi works with you to develop top selling Home Improvement Products
    3. Designed to Increase sales  
  2. Connected to Automated Bidding Platform by Geography
    1. Finance products are promoted directly to Homeowners. (The Bid Chain)
    2. Network setup on your behalf to All Homeowners
    3. Bidding goes out to all Homeowners in your geography
  3. Communication Platform
    1. Through our Platform/App You can communicate with Contractors, Homeowners and BidaFi
    2. Special Notifications can be sent to your “Network” (Applicants)
    3. Conformation and questions and or changes to the loan can be made through the BidaFi platform
    4. API’s can be added to connect platforms  
    5. Links to application and loan processing
  4. Automated Ordering Platform
    1. When the Contractor and Homeowner sign the final agreement, it is sent to entire network  
    2. Conformation of the Building Materials orders are paid COD as well as the address and shipping date and time are built into your customized
  5. Payment Portal
    1. Secure payment transfer through ACH, our ACH is available
    2. COD Payments are made to all suppliers to prevent any Mechanics Leans
  6. Financing
    1. All Homeowners receive Automatic Bids also receive Automated Financing Options (On Your Products)
    2. Most Contractors do not offer financing, BidaFi offers numerous options to Homeowners
    3. This increases the closing rate of Finance Products  
    4. 50% of home improvements over $5,000 are Financed-80% over $10,000
  7.  Dashboards and Accounting
    1. Admin Dashboards
    2. Created for Strategic Planning and Tracking  
    3. PO’s, Change Orders, Revenue, Costs, AR, etc.
  8. Self-Generated
    1. Homeowners can have their project go through our platform and utilize all the features
    2. Homeowners have Full Access to request Bids on Financing   
    3. 50% discount to Contractors to place a project in the platform and utilize all the features
  9. Advertising
    1. Local Targeted Advertising to Homeowners and Contractors by Geography
    2. Notifications to Homeowner Network (87% are read)
    3. Cross selling other products, specials, promotions,
    4. Cross sell Auto loans, Mortgages, HELOC, Consolidations and Re-Fi
  10. History
    1. Memorialized Purchase Orders, order changes, Shipping
    2. Memorialized Payments, Accounting, etc.  

Setup Fee:           $2,470                  Waved in “Pre-Launch.  “No Contract”

Monthly Fee:     $970+2%             First and Last/Deposit $1,940 To Start/Location

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BidaFi will increase your exposure to homeowners that are looking to improve their home! 50% of all Home Improvements are Financed over $5,000 and 80% over $10,000. Opportunities to Promote Your Other Programs are also Available!

We are a marketing platform for your Lending Institution. Our “Patent Pending Platform” provides Homeowners with automated “Preliminary Bids” on Home Energy Upgrades and “Energy Star” Appliances, Water Heaters, Electronics, etc. Along side the Bids that they will receive will be an automated “Preliminary Bid” on your financing options and a link to a “Web Page” on our platform as well as link to your application portal. Your company will fill out specific information about each of your loan options and terms and the bid will be generated based on the information you provide. We follow all the TILA requirements.

We Customize Your Bidding Platform for You and We provide You with a Customized Communication Platform for You to Communicate with the Homeowner, Contractor and BidaFi as well as Securely Transfer Documents Back and Forth. We also Provide You with a Detailed Dashboard Updated Live and Tailored to You and Your Business.

We will be offering Homeowners an array of finance options.

Coming 2020

Please reach out with any questions!

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