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Our Patent Pending Platform Changes an Antiquated and Disjointed Process into a Transparent, Modern and Efficient One.

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21 NEW ways we grow your Business and Increase Margins in 2021

  1. No more buying bad leads!
  2. No lost time on sales calls with shoppers
  3. No AP or more debt!
  4. Transition to Transparent Transactions (The Demand)
  5. 86% closing rate
  6. Use your local supplier with no need for credit.
  7. Connected to the Automatic Supplier Bidding Network
  8. Connected to the Automatic Homeowner Bidding Network
  9. Connected to the Homeowner Finance Network
  10. Set your pricing and margins/profit in advance
  11. Finance options Homeowners select on their own
  12. Sales people can adjust the bids and contract in the field
  13. Close the deal with numerous finance options
  14. Automatically bid on every request in your area
  15. Know what products are selling in your area
  16. Run self-generated deals through the BidaFi Platform
  17. Digital invoicing, paying and payments  
  18. Communicate with your team
  19. Communicate on Supplier Network
  20. Communicate on the Homeowner network
  21. Admin Dashboard

Any contractor can utilize the BidaFi platform and our numerus benefits. The trades below are the ones we will initially be focused on as they are energy efficient replacements that are very popular.

Transitioning to Transparency by Automating “The Bid Chain”

ABC “Automated Bid Chain

Join our “Innovator Program” now and become a leader in your industry! 


Contractor Setup Fee:            $377           Discounted

Custom Web-Page                $197        Discounted

Monthly Fee:                 $97   Setup Fee First and Last/Month $194.00 To Start!

Month to Month Basis No Contract!

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BidaFi will help you grow your business! The BidaFi Platform will make you look and preform very professional all the while delivering to you unparalleled opportunities! We don’t sell you leads to a bunch of “Shoppers” from an “Advisory-List”… We send you Pre-Populated “Preliminary Contracts” with Your Branding for the work you are licensed to preform in the areas you want to work! YES! Contracts with qualified Homeowners that are done shopping and have a scheduled appointment with you! They have already selected you and want your service, so you never have to waste any more time!

How do we do it?

We basically handle your marketing. We have you answer a few basic questions about your company and trade that help you arrive at your “Standardized Pricing”. When a Homeowner answers the same basic questions we send them a “Preliminary Bid” that is Customized by us for your company and automated on your behalf, AT NO CHARGE! When a “Preliminary Bid” goes out we send you a notification and an email AT NO CHARGE! When you win the bid we send you a notification and a scheduled appointment AT NO CHARGE! You simply download the contract that we have agreed to generate for you, meet with the Homeowner, make any adjustments and additions to the contract and have them sign it.

We qualify and set your company up on our platform. We offer a “Web Page” for each of the trades you are licensed to perform to promote you on the BidaFi Platform. Homeowners receive multiple “Preliminary Bids” from other vetted contractors and will read your “Web Page” in order to make their final decision. We encourage Homeowners to read each Web Page, because it is their decision as to who they hire. Both the Contractor and the Homeowner is rated on each project.

Automation and Modernization

Every Time One of Your Bids is submitted to a Prospect, You will receive Bids from local Suppliers on the Materials Spec’d into the Project, It is All Automated and Customized on Your Behalf! When You Win The Job You Then Select from one of the Suppliers and Place The Order Through Our Automated Platform. The Homeowner is Notified that the Order has been place and When it is to be shipped the Property Owner You Take a Draw and Pay for the Materials at Our Discount. This can be done once the Homeowner’s account is funded. Never again will you have to worry about carrying a project Financially or having to pay down the Material Debt. Never will You have to worry about Getting Paid Or chasing Down The Homeowner to be Paid. They Pay You Through Our Payment Portal from Their Computer or Mobile Device in The Most Secure Way Possible. We will also allow you to submit “Self Generated Jobs” into the BidaFi Platform for a small fee. This will allow you access to the Contracts, Financing for the Project, Payment Portal and Communication Platform.


Contractors have an unparalleled advantage being on the BidaFi Platform! Construction Companies can not offer all the finance options that BidaFi offers, nor can they get paid in the format we offer! The Homeowner and or the finance company will put the money needed to pay for the work in an escrow account through our platform. Progress payments and the final payment will be set up by the Contractor and the payment will be authorized by the Homeowner and or lender and sent automatically through our HIGHLY SECURED platform. Contractors will now know in advance that the Homeowner can pay and they will never have to chase them down to pick up a check. No extra charges and No More Credit Card Charges!

Contractors can also now use BidiFi to pay Sub-Contractor, Laborers, Vendors, Suppliers and other business expenses Securely!


All communications with the Homeowner, suppliers, your team and BidaFi will be through the platform. Daily updates on your projects, progress payment schedules and any issues can be set up and sent out at your request. The Homeowner will have the same portal to contact you with any questions. Automatic replays can be set up so you can respond in a safe and timely manner.

All these features simply make you look and perform as professional as possible, allowing you to focus on your work and grow your business; because when you grow we grow.

*Features are available as rolled out

The BidaFi Platform is a “Patent Pending Platform”

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